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MAFA Letter to Tantramar MLA Peter Mesheau

The Mount Allison Faculty Association has some grave concerns about the governance of our university that we would like to bring to your attention. The Board of Regents’ lack of accountability to the Mount Allison university community and the tax payers of New Brunswick has long been a source of concern but recent events have… Read more »

Mount Allison University President, A. Wayne MacKay Resigns

Wayne MacKay, President of Mount Allison University, and J. Robert Winters, Chairman of the Board of Regents, announced jointly today that Mr. MacKay will be leaving his position with the University, effective July 1, 2004. The date will bring the nationally renowned legal scholar and specialist in human rights to the completion of the full… Read more »

MAFA Ratifies Contract

(Sackville, NB) — The Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) announces that the faculty and librarians of Mount Allison University have approved the proposed new four- year collective agreement between the Union and Board at Mount Allison, with 91% voting in favour. Rick Hudson, MAFA President, said, “I am very pleased with the level of participation… Read more »

Mount Allison Faculty Show Resolve in Strong Straw Vote

(Sackville, NB) – Members of the Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) voted in favour of strike action if necessary in a straw strike vote conducted Monday and Tuesday (November 18 and 19). The vote was 85% in favour of the motion that “Whereas, MAFA and the Employer have been unable to reach a collective agreement,… Read more »

Straw Strike Vote at Mount Allison

(Sackville, NB) – The Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) is holding a “straw strike vote” today and tomorrow. Voting starts this evening. Results will be announced by Wednesday morning. “We had hoped to reach an agreement over the summer” said Rick Hudson, President of MAFA. “But with negotiations stalled, we – along with the Employer… Read more »

Another Mt. A. Prof. Refuses Emeritus

(Sackville, New Brunswick) The Mount Allison Faculty Association regrets that once again a distinguished retired professor has found it necessary to turn down the offer of professor emeritus at Mount Allison University. Dr. Janet Hammock, pianist, composer, and Professor of Music at Mount Allison until 2001, announced today that, “I must postpone my acceptance of… Read more »

Academic Freedom Violated at Mount Allison

(Sackville, New Brunswick) — The Committee of Inquiry into the complaint of Professor Michael Thorpe (and the Mount Allison Faculty Association) has now published its report. Professor Thorpe retired from the university after long and distinguished service. He was refused by the then Vice-President Academic an appointment to teach an extension course for which he… Read more »

Tuition Fee Hike Not Due to Faculty Salary Increases

(Sackville, NB) – Mount Allison students will pay more for tuition next year, but not because of faculty and staff salary increases, says Dr. Robert Rosebrugh, President of Mount Allison Faculty Association. Mr. David Stewart Mount Allison’s Vice-President Administration was quoted recently in the Moncton Times & Transcript as saying, “one reason for the hikes… Read more »

Faculty Association Wins Second Strike Arbitration

(Sackville, NB) – The 26-day strike in January and February of this year by the Mount Allison Faculty Association ended in a mediated settlement on Feb. 15. Still at issue was the salary remuneration for professors and librarians while on sabbatical leave. The employer had earlier agreed to pay 90 per cent of a faculty… Read more »

Retired Professor Turns Down Honour

(Sackville, NB) — Dr. Charles H. Scobie, a retired and distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at Mount Allison, has refused to accept an appointment as Professor Emeritus recently made by the Board of Regents. He was to have been honoured at the upcoming May 10 Convocation at Mount Allison University. Dr. Scobie, is protesting the… Read more »