What is MAFA?


MAFA, or the Mount Allison Faculty Association, is a union representing approximately 150 full-time and 60 part-time academic faculty, librarians, and archivists at Mount Allison University.

What does MAFA do?

MAFA promotes the well being of the university as a public good and upholds the professional interests of its academic staff. It works to protect freedom of thought and expression, teaching and research at Mount Allison University.

MAFA also acts as the bargaining agent for its members, negotiating Collective Agreements that set the terms and conditions of employment for full- and part-time faculty and librarians. Collective Agreements regulate salary, benefits, pension, workload, and establish the standards and processes for evaluations, tenure, promotion, and sabbatical leave; they also include protections for intellectual property as well as protections for academic freedom in research and teaching.

When MAFA is not negotiating, it provides information and assistance to its members in a wide variety of matters relating to their employment at Mount Allison, and makes sure that the administration is abiding by the Collective Agreement.