Tuition Fee Hike Not Due to Faculty Salary Increases

(Sackville, NB) – Mount Allison students will pay more for tuition next year, but not because of faculty and staff salary increases, says Dr. Robert Rosebrugh, President of Mount Allison Faculty Association.

Mr. David Stewart Mount Allison’s Vice-President Administration was quoted recently in the Moncton Times & Transcript as saying, “one reason for the hikes is the outcome of the Faculty Association settlements.”

In fact, five years ago (in 1995-96) the university budgeted $18.2 million for faculty and staff salaries/benefits (39% of its budget was for faculty salaries) and this year it is budgeting $18.5 million for total salaries (37% of its budget for faculty salaries).

Meanwhile student tuition fees have increased by 45% from $3,040 in 1995-96 to $4,390 in 2000-01 for a total revenue increase of $3.6 million, about twelve times the increase in the total salary budget.

Dr. Rosebrugh points out that other Canadian universities of similar size to Mount Allison pay higher faculty and staff salaries, but charge lower tuition fees.


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