Joint committees

The following committees include representatives from MAFA and the Employer and, in some cases, representatives from other Mount Allison employee groups and unions.  MAFA representatives on joint committees are appointed by the MAFA Executive.

Joint Liaison Committee

For the terms of reference of this committee, see Article 6 of the Full-time and Part-time Collective Agreements.

  • Karen Bamford (MAFA)
  • Chris Down (MAFA)
  • Jeff Ollerhead (Employer)
  • Ron Sutherland (Employer)
  • Geoff Martin, Recording Secretary

Joint Health and Safety Committee

For more information about this committee, see Joint Health and Safety Committee

MAFA’s representative is Anne LePage (2017-05-31) .


Benefit Plan Advisory Committee

For more information about Mount Allison Benefits, see Mount Allison Benefits

  • Brent White (MAFA) (June 30, 2019)
  • Matt Litvak (MAFA)
  • Tracey Carroll (CUPE 3433)
  • Mike Estabrooks (CUPE 2338)
  • Ashley Martin (Human Resources)
  • Roxie Ibbitson (CUPE 3433)
  • vacant (Non-bargaining unit)
  • Bruce Phinney (CUPE 2338)
  • Ron Sutherland (Human Resources)

Pension Advisory Committee

For more information about the defined-contribution pension plan and this committee, see Mount Allison Pension Plan for Faculty and Librarians

  • Carol Pomare (MAFA) (2019-06-30)
  • Margaret-Ellen Messinger (MAFA) (2019-06-30)
  • Tim Reiffenstein (MAFA) (2016-06-30)
  • David Bruce (Non-bargaining unit)
  • Paul Del Motte (CUPE 3433)
  • Ashley Martin (Human Resources)
  • Ron Sutherland (Human Resources)

President’s Advisory Committee on Gender and Women’s Issues

MAFA is represented on this committee by Rima Azar (2020-06-30).

Part-time Health Spending Account Committee

  • Rob Cupido (MAFA)
  • Geoff Martin (MAFA)
  • Ron Sutherland
  • Betty Hunter-Brayley