MAFA committees

The following committees are appointed by the MAFA Executive, as required by the MAFA Constitution or as Executive subcommittees created for a particular purpose.

Representation Panel

  • Anne LePage (2019-04-30)
  • Loralea Michaelis, Chair (2019-04-30)
  • David Thomas (2020-04-30)

Collective Bargaining Committee

  • David Fleming (Chair, 2019-04-30)
  • Positions are available on this committee.

Communications Committee

  • Past President, Chair, (2019-04-30)
  • Toni Roberts (2019-04-30)
  • Lori Ann Roness (2019-04-30)
  • Geoff Martin (professional officer)
  • Positions are available on this committee.

Donations Committee

  • Nathaniel Johnston (2019-06-30)
  • Leslie Kern (2019-06-30)
  • Christiana MacDougall (2019-06-30)

Policies and Procedures Review Committee

Positions are available on this committee.

  • Jeff Lilburn (ex officio)
  • Loralea Michaelis (ex officio)

Nominating Committee (2019-04-30)

  • This committee will be staffed early in 2019.

Executive Grievance Policy Subcommittee

  •  Jeff Lilburn
  • Geoff Martin
  • Loralea Michaelis
  • David Thomas

The MAFA President or their designate acts as MAFA’s Representative on the Board of Directors, Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations (FNBFA).